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Unlock the Power of Remote Communication

Are you trying to find the best way to enhance collaboration and communication inside your company? Look no further than the Microsoft Teams calling plugin from Innovation Networks!  



Data security and confidentiality with built-in encryption and compliance with industry standards.


Increased Productivity

Increase productivity by eliminating the need for in-person meetings



Improve collaboration and communication with video and audio calling, screen sharing, and instant meeting



Record, save, and transcribe calls for later review



Stay connected regardless of location

Our Offerings

Microsoft Teams Phone System combined with Innovation Networks' Direct Routing network provides the most optimal deployment architecture for Teams.  Our offering results in the following:

Enable with ease all Teams UC feature-functionality:

- Auto Attendant

- Call Queues

- Call Recording

- Domestic and Global Calling Plans

- Hold

- Call Park

- Transfer & Consultative Transfer

- Conferencing

- Live Captioning

World Class Quality of Service

- Full integration with Microsoft Dynamic 911

- Carrier-grade, Multi-Data Center High Availability deployment

- Unrivaled Global Microsoft and SIP Relationships

The best user experience

- Single Hub of Productivity

- Single Pane of Glass


- Integrated user experience across multiple real-time-communications (RTC) applications

- Positions the environment for future application integration (e.g. Cloud Contact Centers)

A fully managed solution

- Managed by a global MSP / Trusted AdvisorRight-app, Right-user

- 365x24x7 follow-the-sun Support

The lowest total cost of ownership

- No required edge equipment

- Right-app, Right-user

Expertise in ensuring an optimal configuration for collaboration and performance

A global, cloud-based future-proof solution

- Zero obsolescence

- Monthly enhancements (SMS, AI, etc.)

Microsoft Dynamic Emergency Calling

Are you trying to find the best way to enhance collaboration and communication inside your company? Look no further than the Microsoft Teams calling plugin from Innovation Networks!  


Customer Accounts

Microsoft Teams allows for the creation and management of customer end-user accounts, and the caller's unique telephone number is used to identify them.


Emergency-Call Routing Policies

Microsoft Teams provides policies for emergency calling, with three layers: Global, Static, and Dynamic. These policies are configurable with the Teams Admin Center and/or Teams PowerShell.


Location Information Services (LIS)

The source of all location data used within Microsoft Teams is provisioned by the enterprise into the Teams LIS, which includes the specific civic addresses and floor, suite or room numbers needed to be provided to public safety.


Location Discovery

Microsoft Teams provides end-user location discovery using the LIS.


Call Initiation

Microsoft Teams performs location discovery for 911 calls, returning a SIP PIDF Location Object with the end user's identity and location.


Emergency Notifications

Microsoft Teams supports emergency notifications to alert a designated party when a 911 call is made.


Work from Home (WFH):

Microsoft Teams requires provisioning of network-identifying information for 911 call routing and address display.



The public IP address needs to be added to Teams as a Trusted IP, and the LIS needs to be provisioned with the home's civic address, dispatchable location information, and network identifying information.

Microsoft Teams User Analytics

Innovation Networks' Microsoft Teams User Analytics is a reporting and analytic solution for Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) platforms such as Microsoft Teams. It delivers business critical information through user defined reports, daily dashboards, and trend monitors.

How Can It Help Me?

The quick answer is it gives you accurate, relevant information from which you can make informed decisions on the operation of your Teams tenant. No more need for second-guessing!

Improve Productivity

It lets you see employee productivity metrics: number of answered and abandoned calls, ring time and talk time ensuring that calls are handled satisfactorily.

Have It Your Way

The software's straightforward interface and user-defined nature ensure that only relevant information is presented to meet an employee’s unique requirements.

Monitor Call Quality

Innovation Networks' Microsoft Teams User Analytics provides quality data to improve service delivery.

Control Costs

Visibility of call costs and employee activity ensures accountability for high-cost calls and unrelated activities.

Increase User Adoption

Adopting a new platform needs to be monitored and managed to ensure ROI, education, and training.

Manage Resources

A single view of the Team's platform ensures efficient use of SIP trunks, devices, gateways, and SBCs.

Additional Features

Ability to integrate with Call center functions and tools

Unique and customized third-party call recording and reporting

Enhancements in SMS, Ai, and Broadcast notifications

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